Our current e-group CATS2 with Yahoo Groups will soon be moving.

We will be called CATS Tandems at Google Groups.

CAT2 will stay open for awhile, but all ride and event reminders

will be coming from the CATS Tandems group.

At some point CATS2 will only be open for viewing the past Archives.

If you would like to be part of the new

CATS Tandems at Google Groups

Fill out the form below.

If you are a paid member you do not have to fill this form out

as you have been automatically added via your membership form.

If you want to add a second person, after filling out your form

return to this page and fill out the form for the second person.

The group will be monitored and is a private group.

Non-members are allowed in the group, but

if you are a non-member of CATS, please tell us your name

and reason for your interest in our group.

Membership Status *
If you are not planning on being a member in CATS, please state your name.
If you have no plans in being a member, please state your reason for wanting to be a part of our group.